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Home exterior developments and renovations deliver a variety of value points. From maximizing your home’s curb appeal and giving your house a whole new look to achieving the daily and long-term functionality and cost-savings you’ve always dreamed of, Raecor Contracting is ready to make it happen.

Do you want to transform your home from ordinary to unforgettable, modernize outdated elements, replace and update key components, execute major additions, perform significant architectural changes, or need simple changes to keep your home exterior looking fresh? You can leverage our expert consultation to explore the ideal exterior upgrades for your home. Together, we’ll walk through the exterior components you know you want renovated, and we’ll work within your budget to make it happen. And you can also count on us for expert recommendations to ensure optimal safety and long-term value for your exterior home developments.

Enjoy living with the peace of mind that comes from working with Calgary and surrounding Alberta’s trusted home and landscape contractor.

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You can count on us to repair virtually anything pertaining to the roof or its components. Many of our roof renovation jobs originate from leaks and missing shingles. Typically, leaks come from your flashing or pipe boots. High winds and Calgary’s strong weather is usually the culprit of missing shingles. Regardless of how much the natural elements have been affecting your roofing, the age of your roof is a critical factor. It’s always better to proactively renovate roofing than it is to conduct an emergency fix. Proactive or emergency roofing services, you can count on us. And if you’re unsure, we’re always here to consult and guide to help you make an educated and informed decision.

Our roof repairs range from very small to larger in scope and size. You can get expert roofing services running from a relatively simple shingle repair in which we will take the shingle out and install a new shingle to more complex repairs like redoing flashings, chimneys, or sometimes adding a cricket to divert water and prevent pooling. On the simpler side, you can also count on us for gutter installations as well as gutter guard replacements and repairs. And no slope is too steep for our crew.

Do you need a full roof replacement? You’ll enjoy a simplified process, from our initial expert consultation and walk-through for a cost replacement analysis all the way through cleanup. With consistent, honest communication from start to finish, you won’t suffer any surprises. Of course, we can’t always know what’s underneath roofing materials until we start to renovate, but you’ll be kept abreast of critical changes with ongoing project updates.

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Siding Replacement

When you go outside in Calgary winter, you always wear proper exterior protection, right? Your home needs and deserves the same. Renovating your home’s exterior protects your structure, and keeps you safe and warm within. Fortunately, siding renovations are one of the easiest ways to add value and protect your existing investments.

Tell us your goals for your siding update, and we’ll work with you to make sure you get what you need. You’ll get expert recommendations to help you decide between repairing or replacing your current siding. For example, you might love your current siding, and need to only repair a few storm-damaged sections. But if you have significantly older siding, we can make recommendations on a new type of home exterior siding that will elevate your home’s style and align with the theme of the rest of your exterior for beautiful harmony.

You’ll also get trusted guidance on the types of siding that will best stand up to your home’s particular area and setting. We’ll carefully take into account surrounding natural growth, sun and UV exposure, persistent moisture, and more. In addition to optimal exterior protection, we’ll also advise on the exterior siding that will promote optimal energy savings inside your home. And, of course, if you’re like most homeowners, you’re interested in low-maintenance solutions. We’ll describe the pros and cons of each exterior siding material you’re considering to help you achieve a happy balance across your budget, energy requirements, maintenance needs, and desired aesthetics.

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Window Replacement

Are you remodeling your home? New window design ideas can enhance your space and complement your home improvement project. While many homeowners choose to take this opportunity to enjoy the benefits of replacement windows, other homeowners elect to make the window replacement the primary focus of their home renovation. Whether part of a large home renovation or a select-area upgrade, remodeling and renovating your windows delivers top value you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Especially in the Calgary and surrounding Alberta areas, energy efficiency is a top consideration. During our consultation and walk-through, we’ll canvas your property inside and out to check sun exposure and elemental challenges to guide you in selecting the right types of windows for your unique home.

And whether you have a single window unit you want replaced or need window replacement throughout your home as part of a whole-house remodel, we’ll work tirelessly to ensure your window aesthetics harmonize with your other window units and home design elements. Whether you want to get creative with a novel approach to your windows, would like something more traditional yet robust, or need help deciding what type of window remodel will best serve your particular taste and style of home, you can look forward to beautiful, enduring, and elevated window aesthetics.

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