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Reacor Contracting: Calgary Landscaping Spotlight

Tuxedo Park Backyard

Project Description

Our clients are often surprised at how much more we’re able to help them get from their property. Landscaping is so much more than beautiful aesthetics.

Our Tuxedo Park clients wanted to better utilize their backyard as their current layout was not working for them. We worked together to come up with a plan that was low-maintenance and helped them optimize the space they have.

We installed a larger deck and a dimensional flagstone patio area. We also incorporated stone planters along the perimeter to satisfy the client’s desire to have additional area for planting. Our client was also delighted to finally get their long-desired pergola and hammock feature, which we constructed using pressure-treated wood for long-lasting beauty. We also added a path alongside the house for a more manicured look that also provides clean, convenient access.