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Reacor Contracting: Calgary Landscaping Spotlight

Strathcona Retaining Wall

Project Description

Residential and commercial clients alike can count on Raecor for our full-service Calgary landscape design and construction services. For our Strathcona project, the board of a condo complex required new retaining walls to update the look and ensure safety of the condo residents.

Our clients benefit from our significant project flexibility. We can start a project from scratch, partner with other service providers, or step in to finish a project. In this case, another company had started the project, but the condo board asked us to step in when they saw how the first contractor struggled with the first set of walls. The previous contractor failed to execute the project in a timely manner, was challenged by the limited access, and struggled to construct amidst the very steep topography. We stepped in and applied our deep experience, safely and deftly maneuvering machinery in even the toughest spots.

We collaborated with the condo board to execute the landscape design plan in accordance with engineered drawings, and facilitated inspections at different stages to ensure the work was being done to proper specification. Our inspections went smooth and the engineer was very happy with our work.

The homeowners were very friendly and commended us on the speed at which we completed the project, completing everything in 2 weeks whereas the previous company took over 2 months to complete the previous section. The condo board was so pleased, they asked us to complete additional wall sections.