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Reacor Contracting: Calgary Landscaping Spotlight

Riverdale Deck & Fence

Project Description

Once again, doing a project beautifully right the first time earned us a referral. For this referral project, the client had just finished updating the exterior of their home and wanted to add a new cedar fence. They didn’t want a basic fence that looked like everyone else’s.

Everyone knows cedar is timeless and gorgeous. Yet, very few of your neighbours have it. Therefore, we advised a horizonal-style fence made with cedar. Unique style like this requires significant time and attention to detail. A lot of cutting and meticulous detail went into this fence work. After it was completed, we applied 3 coats of oil-based stain to give it a very unique look. The client was blown away by the finished product. That kind of love for the new way their yard looks is why we do this for every client.

Having been so impressed by their new fence, the client then elected to have us design and construct a custom cedar deck to complement their fence. We work with quality speed and efficiency on every project. And with winter just around the corner and knowing how excited the client was for their new cedar deck, we dug in right away, even working through some inclement weather to complete their project. The client is thrilled at how everything beautifully ties together.