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Reacor Contracting: Calgary Landscaping Spotlight

Okotoks Plaza 1

Project Description

A group of developers needed our help executing the landscape plan for the commercial plaza they constructed. As a full-service landscape design and construction contractor, we were able to take care of all the many different services they required.

The first phase was getting the site ready for the major work, grading and cleaning up the site after the 2 years of construction done on site. Next, we installed over 20 trees and more than 200 plants and shrubs. This was followed by fencing, railings, and then loam and sod.

We ensured code compliance by creating a drainage feature to ensure rain water would properly drain since there was a storm water drain located on the property. To do this, we used 20 tons of large, round field stones placed around the drain to imitate a creek bed – we always look for ways to combine aesthetics and durable functionality.

The developers were very pleased with our ability to deliver such a wide range of services, even amidst inclement weather. The new commercial business in the plaza also commended us on the work we did in helping bring everything and everyone together.