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Reacor Contracting: Calgary Landscaping Spotlight

Marda Loop Complete Yard Build

Project Description

This project was done for a client who’s come to rely on us for help with their custom-build projects around Calgary. For this work, the client needed comprehensive expert design since there was no existing design. We worked closely with the project supervisor to develop a plan that would make everyone happy.

Water management was a concern as the house and backyard was at a much lower elevation than the street. Working with the surveyor, we came up with a plan to move the water away from the house and direct it to designated areas to preserve the structural integrity of the foundation. We also installed a tiered retaining wall system to address the stark elevation contrast of the backyard. We worked through nonstop rain to complete this topographically challenging project. It was well worth seeing how happy our client was with the combination of aesthetics and crucial functionality.