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Reacor Contracting: Calgary Landscaping Spotlight

Douglasdale Retaining Wall

Project Description

These clients were in need of a new retaining wall as the existing wall was 30 years old and falling over. An engineered wall using Verti-Block was designed and presented to us. Access to the wall was limited as the property was backing on to a golf course.

We have deep experience coordinating with multiple parties to keep a project running smoothly. In this case, we coordinated with the golf-course supervisor to secure access and ensure we satisfied any pertinent regulations. It’s this kind of seamless coordination and clear communication that helps us work through common obstacles and expedite the completion of projects. In this case, the project would likely have taken twice as long had we not proactively coordinated with the golf-course supervisor.

We facilitated all necessary engineer inspections throughout the project to ensure all components were executed according to specification.

This project also required us to call on our experience working around inclement weather. We were able to preserve the site’s integrity through a big snow storm, and quickly resume work to finish the entire project in a timely manner. The clients were very happy with the finished product and the engineer commended us on the work we did.