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Reacor Contracting: Calgary Landscaping Spotlight

Cory Park Landscaping

New Sod, pruning & Fence Stained

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Every Raecor project features consistently premium quality from initial consultation to the last sweep of the broom cleaning up our completed project site. It’s this reliable quality, custom and creative design, and durable construction that has helped us maintain our status as one of Calgary’s most trusted landscape design and construction contractors. It’s also why clients keep asking us to come back for new projects.

We were hired by a previous client, a custom builder, for our expert landscaping services to help with their custom project. From our first experience working together, the client knew we were equally capable of working with little client input as well as highly detailed requirements. In the case of our Cory Park project, we were given a very detailed design to work with to meet strict rain water management compliance requirements in that area. Every landscape plan for that area requires an engineered design in order to store as much of the rain water on the property as possible.

Using weeping tile and dry wells, we directed the rain water to designated areas. Additional loam was required in the grass and planting areas to soak up and hold this water. We facilitated multiple inspections as the project progressed to ensure our work was done to specification. Our clients are always overjoyed to have construction code and inspections taken care of for them to ensure safe, smooth completion.

Another sustainable, eco-friendly element we assisted with is the fencing. Made of custom composite materials, the fencing is not only pleasing to the eye, but also maintenance-free and will last forever.

We’ve been doing professional Calgary landscape and design for years. Yet, we still amaze ourselves at how much work and detail we apply to even the smallest spaces.