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Cedarville Dr. Refresh

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Project Description

The Cedarville Drive Refresh was another project referred to us by a happy client.

Whether you need our expert design consultation to get you started from scratch, have a few ideas you’d like help taking shape, or have your own landscape plan you’d like executed, you can count on Raecor for flexible, collaborative landscape design services.

In this case, the client had developed their own landscape plan they wanted us to implement. The plan called for unique, must-have features. We were happy to make their vision a reality. To get started, as it is with most of our full-package projects, we stripped down their existing landscape to create a clean slate to begin constructing the new layout.

We apply our deep experience to execute on every detail of a client’s desired landscape plan. However, there are sometimes unforeseen elements beneath the surface or other issues that develop during project implementation as different components come together. For this project, we needed to work with the client to adjust the initial plan to ensure they got exactly what they needed as we learned more about their property during construction. The client was very pleased with our reliable, clear communication and project updates.

A custom feature the client is particularly pleased with is the cedar privacy screen, which not only helps them enjoy a more private oasis, but also adds exceptional character to their yard. The client also loves the new river bed feature we designed and constructed, which was incorporated to allow the water from the downspout to drain into the swale at the back of the property for optimal water-flow control.