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Reacor Contracting: Calgary Landscaping Spotlight

Albany Yard Rebuild

Project Description

What’s one way you know you can trust a contractor? If they apply their services to their own property. This project features a yard rebuild for Raecor’s owner. Our clients’ projects always take priority, so we had to dig out some time in the evenings to complete some much-needed landscaping updates.

Since our owner is planning on selling the home after renovation is completed, this project incorporates modern features that would appeal to a broad demographic and attract a wider home-buyer audience.

We constructed exposed aggregate sidewalks and a large stamped-concrete patio in the back, complete with a compass accent. And since we know how integral privacy is to one’s personal oasis, we also built a new pressure-treated fencing with a horizontal privacy screen on the patio. We also used columnar aspens for additional privacy along the back fence.

All the existing sod was replaced and we also added an irrigation system. Black charcoal mulch was installed in the planter beds to complete the look and allow for easy future planting.