Reacor Contracting: Calgary Landscaping Spotlight

14th Street Sloping-Yard Project

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Project Description

If you spend a lot of time and effort getting a house custom designed to accommodate your needs, you want your landscaping to match the quality and style, right? Yes! That’s exactly why our client on 14th Street hired us for their landscaping needs.

With no existing landscaping and a clean slate to work with, we collaborated closely with the client to design and create unique features to suit their needs, complement their custom home, and achieve comprehensive, beautiful harmony throughout their property.

Standout features of our landscape design and construction include sandstone boulders used to build the wall and step feature, including a window well for an immersive experience. Our years of custom experience really shined when building the window well out of sandstone boulders as this is an atypical, challenging construction method.

Another standout feature is the driveway. The customer told us they wanted something creative and unique. We listened. We designed a fir-timber driveway, constructing and installing the timbers according to a pattern the customer chose. When you partner with Raecor, even typically mundane elements, such as driveways, can be made into something that’ll deliver stunning aesthetics combined with daily, sturdy functionality.