Landscaping Design and Construction Services for Patios and Paths

Patios and paths offer the wonderful combination of both functionality and aesthetics. With our full suite of Calgary landscape design and construction services, you can enjoy the best of both worlds. We’ll work with you to determine your style preference, while providing expert guidance as to which type of layout will best suit your daily living as well as entertainment needs.

For example, are you looking for a fully functional path for high foot traffic areas such as from your sidewalk to your door or side doors out to your backyard? Or, would you like our help implementing a path designed as more of an aesthetic accent? With our expert design services, you can easily get both. For example, we can help you design and construct a path through your mulch, grass, or Xeriscape, providing beautiful, convenient access to anywhere on your property, without disrupting the surrounding landscaping when you walk.

Landscape Design and Construction for Paver Patios

When you partner with Raecor for your landscaping design and construction, you’ll get convenient access to a variety of beautiful patio and path materials to enhance your yard. Among our clients’ favourite choices is paver patios.

Pavers are typically individual concrete pieces, which are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours, and even finishes. We’ll work with you to develop a professional design for your pavers. You can share specific design ideas you’d like implemented, including where you want the pavers installed, or you can rely on us for our expert insights as to which style of pavers and the exact location and layout in your yard that will work best for your property. We can help you install pavers for a variety of applications, including functional walkways, decorative paths, retaining walls, and more.

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Calgary Concrete Patios

A well-designed patio can effortlessly tie your entire yard together. Effortless for you because we will take care of everything from the initial design to construction and finishing touches, including project management for seamless completion with minimal disruption.

We can design and construct a wide variety of patios, from simple and stately to elegant or intricately unique. And with our full-service landscaping construction capabilities, we can easily build your concrete patio in conjunction with other design elements such as connected pathways, stairs, and other levels or landings such as incorporating retaining walls for comprehensive beauty. You’ll enjoy flexible design options paired with highly durable materials that will stand up to everyday living as well as Calgary’s diverse climate conditions.

Landscape Design and Construction for Exposed Aggregate

If you’re looking for lovely colour and texture to add to your landscaping, then you’ll love exposed aggregate concrete. Exposed aggregate is a type of concrete with the uppermost layer of concrete removed. With the top layer removed, the gravel and sand typically hidden is exposed to provide a uniquely decorative addition to your yard design. We can help you incorporate exposed aggregate concrete into a wide variety of designs for a unique flair that’ll catch your eye every time.

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Your Convenient Path to a Full Package of Design Delight

If you need only a patio, great, we’ll gladly help you with that. But we’re also ready to serve you with a full, comprehensive design and construction package for your whole yard. When you get a full package, our design and construction services will ensure your backyard patios and paths are smoothly integrated into the overall design of your yard. This can help you achieve a comprehensive design theme throughout your property. For example, our customers love how we’re able to build paths and patios along a variety of different retaining walls for a whole new dimension to their property, adding not just the perception of depth and length, but actually adding more functional outdoor living space.

Contact us today for your patio and path design and construction consultation.

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