Design and Construction Services for Low-Maintenance Landscapes and Gardens

How do you make a fruit or vegetable even more delicious? Grow it yourself. We love hearing from all our local Calgary neighbours how rewarding it’s been for them to be able to grow their own fruits and vegetables thanks to our landscaping services.

But mature fruit trees especially can be a significant investment for you to handle by yourself. Go with local landscape design and construction experts who have intimate knowledge of what trees, shrubs, plants, and other natural materials thrive in the Calgary area. And we know Calgary is an amazing and diverse area, with certain microclimates existing in different areas, so we take great care in assessing your specific area to ensure optimal success with your new vegetable gardens, fruit trees, and vegetating shrubs we’ll implement. Our eye for detail will also account for the shade specific areas of your property get as well as other important conditions.

Calgary Curbing and Edging Services

Enhancing the curb appeal of your home offers a great way to increase the value of your property, while enhancing your own personal enjoyment of a beautiful, holistic setting for your home. When you employ the help of Raecor’s expert Calgary curb and edge landscaping services, you also get a low-maintenance solution. We design and construct curbing and edging with high-end appeal, low-end ongoing maintenance. And we always design and construct with the ultimate care for protecting the surrounding environment, both in our construction process as well as the safety of our materials.

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Calgary Xeriscape and Mulch Landscaping Services

We can help you with the design and implementation of your gorgeous new Xeriscape and mulch projects. Xeriscape and mulch deliver the wonderful combination of lovely, unique aesthetics, minimal maintenance, and low to no water eco-friendly landscaping. Get ready for some breathtaking new scenery all throughout your land.

Low-Maintenance Artificial Grass Services in Calgary

More and more Calgarians are asking for our expert help planning, design, and installing artificial grass. People love the look of a nice green lawn, and they know our artificial turf will help them enjoy that look for less effort, while also extending their green season. And artificial grass has the added benefit of increasing the appeal and value of your home, proving a solid investment that saves you money over time by saving on water, seed, and upkeep, not to mention fertilizer, which can be harmful to the environment.

We’ll work with you to scope out your project according to your custom property dimensions, particular yard conditions, and unique goals. You can look forward to a smooth process getting realistic feeling, low-maintenance, beautiful artificial grass that will provide years of enjoyment.

Contact us today for your low-maintenance landscape and garden design and construction in Calgary.

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