Kitchen and Bathroom Design, Remodeling and Renovation

What do you want to accomplish with your kitchen and bathroom? Whether you’re a new homeowner or wanting to update an older home, we’re ready to help make your dream kitchen and bath a reality. Raecor Contracting is Calgary and the surrounding Alberta area’s trusted source for kitchen and bathroom design, remodeling, and renovation.

When you partner with us, you can look forward to careful attention to detail every step of the project, from our expert consultation to thorough cleanup. We’ll conduct a comprehensive needs analysis to explore what’s important to you and your kitchen and bath design. You’ll get full guidance on kitchen and bath design elements, helping you prioritize and align with your budget, ensuring you get everything you need, and more than you could have dreamed of. With straightforward honesty and transparency, you can rely on us to inform when certain requested elements might not be optimal for your particular space, and which elements will best enhance your home’s value, function, and aesthetics.

No matter the state of your kitchen and bath, regardless of how old or outdated, we appreciate every inch of design. Where some might see only an old kitchen or bath too far gone to justify putting more work into it, we insightfully perceive a blank canvas. We love a great challenge, almost as much as we love hearing how clients are still happy with their renovations years later.

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Kitchen Design and Renovation

Small or big, experienced chef or amateur soup warmer, the kitchen is a primary hub, where everyone comes together to cook, chat, catch up, and socialize. If home is where your heart is, then the kitchen is where the home’s heart is. The kitchen. It’s where you bake, fry, cook, drink, and eat. Where you join together with guests, friends, and family for love and laughter. Whether you’re a cooker, eater, social gatherer, or combination, we’ll work closely with you from start to finish to ensure your kitchen redesign meets your daily and long-term goals.

When you partner with us, you capitalize on the opportunity to cost-effectively upgrade your kitchen and get the most from one of the most important spaces in your home. We’re committed to exponentially increasing your kitchen’s long-term functionality, aesthetics, and value. You can be confident of enduring structural integrity, safe design principles, and expert execution throughout. All our work is done according to the strictest local codes, and we assist with all the permitting to ensure a regulated and seamless process from start to finish.

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Popular Kitchen Renovations and Developments

There are a number of important considerations for your kitchen renovation and redesign. You might already have a solid idea of the type of look you want. But if you don’t, no problem. An expert consultation with us will open your eyes to the best kitchen design opportunities for your unique home.

  • Open-concept kitchen designs for communal experiences.
  • Simplified kitchen remodels to assist with easier daily maintenance.
  • Enhanced accessibility for aging homeowners and long-term homeowners looking to renovate with future considerations in mind.
  • Expanded storage opportunities to declutter and support a “mise en place” approach to culinary experiences.
  • Cabinet and tile replacements and makeovers.
  • Renovations to allow for new major appliances.
  • Transitional kitchens, traditional kitchens, modern and contemporary kitchens, retro kitchens, French Country kitchens, industrial kitchens, and more.


We’re happy to work with you to bring your own unique kitchen vision to life.

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Bathroom Development and Renovation

One way or another, one spends a lot of time in the bathroom over the course of owning their home. You deserve a bathroom that looks, feels, and functions consistently, comfortably, and beautifully. With our help, you can enjoy a bathroom redesign that will have you loving every trip to the bathroom. A bathroom you won’t need to try to hide from guests, one you’ll be proud to showcase.

Remodeling and renovating your bathroom is a great way to give your home a fresh look and feel. When done right, your bathroom remodel can serve as a healthy return on your investment, adding significant, enduring value to your home.

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Our Bathroom Renovation Services

Do you want to install a new sink, glass shower door, or an elegant yet approachable tile floor? We can help with all that and more. We’re well equipped to handle a wide range of bathroom remodel projects. From start to finish, initial expert consultation to thorough cleanup, you won’t have to hire other contractors to complete different phases of work. Even in the event you require a completely novel bathroom design element or unique materials, we can call on our network of trusted experts to assist with your project. Regardless, we’ll manage the entire bathroom development design and construction process for you, with honest and reliable communication throughout. We’re your one-stop shop for bathroom remodeling, and all of our work is backed by our quality guarantee. Here are just a few of our bathroom remodel services to get you thinking about all the exciting possibilities:

  • New shower door or tub installation
  • Tile floor installation
  • Toilet installation
  • New faucet or shower fixture installation
  • Drywall or cement board installation
  • Vanity or mirror installation
  • And more!

Whether you know exactly what you want your bathroom redesign to be, or need our help planning your bathroom design, we’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure enduring quality and functional beauty.

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Expert Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation Consultation

For Calgary and greater Alberta’s trusted kitchen and bathroom developers, the only corners we cut are construction materials. We’re local. We respect our neighbours and work to earn your referrals and repeat business. That only comes with unwavering quality and safety. Get started on your dream kitchen and bathroom remodel today. Request your expert consultation and tell us how we can serve you!

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