Landscaping Design and Construction Services for Decks

Your new backyard deck can completely transform your current yard into your dream backyard. Raecor is ready to help you extend your entertaining and living space from your home out into your yard. Of course, with our full-service Calgary landscape design and construction expertise, we can also implement a standalone deck as an island of luxurious relaxation and entertainment.

You can count on our expert design services to ensure your new deck will fit the aesthetic style and structure of your house, as well as incorporating your unique preferences and personality. During our consultation and project planning, we’ll also collaborate with you to learn about any distinct needs you have regarding accessibility and even which types of deck designs and materials are known to add even more value to your home. Regardless of your accessibility needs, we always keep ease of maintenance in mind when we design and build decks. And we use the highest quality, durable materials that will allow for years of enjoyment.

Customizable Backyard Decks for the Ultimate Relaxation and Entertainment

You can choose from different deck construction materials such as composite decking, cedar decking, treated wood, and sheet vinyl decking. We’ll work with you to customize your deck according to your specific requirements. And it’s not just the type of material we offer that provides great flexibility in your options. You can also take advantage of a number of different specialty backyard deck design elements such as built-in benches and bars, deck covers, and multi-tiered decks. We can even integrate a spa within your deck, taking care of all the design and construction for you to ensure a convenient experience of bringing true luxury to your own yard.

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Safe Design and Sound Construction for Your Backyard Deck

Not just your aesthetic enjoyment, your safety is also a top concern for Raecor. Enjoy your beautiful new deck every day with full confidence knowing we design and build according to strict, regulated safety standards. Our expert team is certified to build your deck to stand up to the toughest conditions while delivering safe elegance for years to come.

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