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In the world of construction, the significance of laying the right groundwork cannot be understated. At Raecor Contracting Ltd., we are champions of this belief, ensuring that every excavation service we offer becomes the cornerstone of architectural resilience and beauty. With a blend of industry-leading expertise, state-of-the-art equipment, and a meticulous approach, we are devoted to setting the stage for successful commercial and residential projects. Our unwavering commitment to quality and precision ensures that from the first scoop of soil to the final grading touch, every project lays a robust foundation for architectural brilliance.

Key Services:

Topsoil Stripping/Placement: Beginning every project by meticulously stripping and placing topsoil, setting the perfect base for construction.

Site Grading: Beyond mere leveling, we sculpt terrains, balancing cut-to-fill dynamics, ensuring stability and architectural harmony.

Foundation Excavation: Precise groundwork that promises foundations resilient against time and elements.

Detail Backfill: Enhancing foundation strength with precision backfill techniques.
Granular Material Mastery: Supplying and installing top-notch granular materials for slabs on grade.

Utility Trenching: Integrating utilities flawlessly within the construction layout.

Retaining Wall Excavation: Crafting walls that not only retain but amplify the aesthetics of a space.
Embark on your construction journey with Raecor, where excellence is built from the ground up.

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