Raecor Landscaping: Bearspaw

Reacor Landscaping Bearspaw 18

Our acreage clients love how we’re able to help them get the most from their large yards. That’s exactly what our Bearspaw clients wanted help with. In fact, they wanted something extra fun and unique – a sports field!

Raecor Landscaping : Okotoks Plaza 1

Reacor Landscaping Okotoks 2 7

A group of developers needed our help executing the landscape plan for the commercial plaza they constructed. As a full-service landscape design and construction contractor, we were able to take care of all the many different services they required.

Raecor Landscaping : Okotoks Plaza 2

Reacor Landscaping okotoksplazza1 4

Since the first phase of this Okotoks Plaza project went so well, the same developers asked us to come back to complete another phase. The developers needed additional parking space at the plaza.

Raecor Landscaping : Wildwood

Reacor Landscaping Wildwood15

This client had recently finished renovating their house and wanted to create a usable space in their backyard. They didn’t have a design in place, so we were happy to develop a landscape design to accent the space in their backyard.

Raecor Landscaping : Douglasdale Retaining Wall

Reacor Landscaping Douglasdale 1

These clients were in need of a new retaining wall as the existing wall was 30 years old and falling over. An engineered wall using Verti-Block was designed and presented to us. Access to the wall was limited as the property was backing on to a golf course.