Raecor Landscaping: 14th St. Yard

Reacor Landscaping 14th 11

With no existing landscaping and a clean slate to work with, we collaborated closely with the client to design and create unique features to suit their needs, complement their custom home, and achieve comprehensive, beautiful harmony throughout their property.

Raecor Landscaping: Cory Park

Reacor Landscaping Corypark 6

In the case of our Cory Park project, we were given a very detailed design to work with to meet strict rain water management compliance requirements in that area. Every landscape plan for that area requires an engineered design in order to store as much of the rain water on the property as possible.

Raecor Landscaping: Riverdale Deck & Fences

Reacor Landscaping Riverdale 9

For this referral project, the client had just finished updating the exterior of their home and wanted to add a new cedar fence. They didn’t want a basic fence that looked like everyone else’s.

Raecor Landscaping: Albany Place Yard Rebuild

Reacor Landscaping Albany 19

This project features a yard rebuild for Raecor’s owner. Our clients’ projects always take priority, so we had to dig out some time in the evenings to complete some much-needed landscaping updates.

Raecor Landscaping: Marda Loop Complete Yard

Reacor Landscaping Mardaloop 12

This project was done for a client who’s come to rely on us for help with their custom-build projects around Calgary. For this work, the client needed comprehensive expert design since there was no existing design.

Raecor Landscaping: Oakhill Patio

Reacor Landscaping Oakhill 3

For this Oakhill client, they needed a much more practical alternative to their existing patio. They also needed a solution that would address the ant infestation underneath the existing concrete pavers.

Raecor Landscaping: Chinook Drive Full Yard

Reacor Landscaping Chinook Dr 19

For this Chinook Drive project, the clients had a very detailed plan from a landscape designer. We were happy to collaborate and construct according to that design plan. We practiced clear communication throughout the project, especially when we needed to deviate from the original design plan to better accommodate the client’s needs.

Raecor Landscaping : Tuxedo Park Backyard

Reacor Landscaping tuxedo 16

Our Tuxedo Park clients wanted to better utilize their backyard as their current layout was not working for them. We worked together to come up with a plan that was low-maintenance and helped them optimize the space they have.

Raecor Landscaping: Bellavue Ave Modern Makeover

Reacor Landscaping Bellavue 6

Don’t let poor landscaping deter you from buying your dream home. Our Bellavue Avenue client loved their new home, but weren’t happy with their existing landscape layout. They connected with Raecor to help them love every bit of their home, inside and out.

Raecor Landscaping : Cedarville Dr. Backyard

Reacor Landscaping Cedarville 1

The client had developed their own landscape plan they wanted us to implement. The plan called for unique, must-have features. We were happy to make their vision a reality. To get started, as it is with most of our full-package projects, we stripped down their existing landscape to create a clean slate to begin constructing the new layout.