Basement Developments and Basement Renovations

The basement. To some, it’s mostly a storage blackhole. Boxes, canned food, and perhaps some mystery items stored years ago. A place we stow items we don’t anticipate using on a daily basis. Neglected. Never reaching full potential.

But what if we could help you transform it into a daily destination for enhanced living? Your basement represents one of the easiest and most effective ways to add comfortable, functional square footage to your everyday living space. It might be the lowest physical point of your property, but Raecor is here to help you elevate your entire basement space. The idea of basement remodeling itself seems to get a facelift periodically. But it’s not a trend. There’s concrete permanency in the value a basement remodel delivers.

What are your basement development goals?

What are your goals? Do you have a dream basement design in mind? How do you want your basement to look? Or, for many others, it’s not purely about the look and feel, where optimizing functional basement space is the primary goal. With many basements essentially representing a blank canvas, there’s an incredible range of ways to approach your basement remodel. As the trusted basement development contractor for Calgary and surrounding Alberta areas, you can count on us for expert consulting to establish the best remodel design approach for your unique needs and goals.

Tell us about how you currently use your basement area, or how you dream of using it. We’ll walk through your basement and surrounding structure to ensure you enjoy an end result that meets your exact needs and the highest standards. That includes top safety and cleanliness during our development and renovation process, and enduring quality and safety to ensure a lifetime of value. Typically, the only time customers call us back after a project is to thank us for adding new life to their living spaces, and to ask us back to develop and renovate additional spaces. Of course, we’re here for you any time throughout the project and after completion should you have any questions.

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Basement Function and Aesthetics Aligned with Your Needs

With budget often a primary consideration, we’ll work with you to ensure our comprehensive basement design fits in your budget, while aligning with the function and aesthetics you desire. With optimal transparency and honesty throughout the process, you can count on us to help you prioritize which elements are most important to your design to ensure you get everything you need and exactly what you want.

Our clear and straightforward communication also means you’ll get expert guidance on what improvements will best serve your particular space. For example, our basement design principles address whether your requested renovation will create cramped spaces, addressing whether a different approach should be considered for more spacious and functional areas. We’ll help you optimize every square foot.

You can also depend on us for assistance tying your basement development design to the style and aesthetics of the rest of your home for beautiful harmony. Or, some of our clients approach their basement renovation as a way to achieve something completely unique to the rest of their home. Where renovating the entire home might not be logistically feasible, focusing on the basement area provides an ideal opportunity to try something completely new at a fraction of the cost of a whole-house renovation.

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Popular Basement Developments and Redesigns

You can count on us for successful execution of every step of your basement development across myriad designs. Popular basement renovations include:

  • Game rooms for kids
  • Optimized storage
  • Work-from-home office spaces
  • Additional guest rooms
  • Bonus family rooms
  • Developments focused on significantly increasing the home’s value
  • Renovations for simplicity and ease of maintenance

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Expert Basement Development Consultation

Get expert help assessing not just your basement space, but also surrounding structural components, as well as the potential environmental and geographical considerations of your property for optimal safety, durability, comfort, and compatibility of design. Tell us about your dream basement design for friendly, trusted, and expert guidance and project execution—from initial consultation to cleanup.

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