Landscaping Design and Construction Services for Backyard Structures

Can you picture what your dream backyard looks like? When you partner with Raecor Landscape Design and Construction, you can count on our expert services to make your dream yard a reality. From initial consultation through implementation and our final walkthrough to ensure completion according to your exact specifications, you’ll be amazed at everything we can accomplish with your landscaping.

We conduct a full assessment of your landscaping goals and scope your yard to plan every detail, and maintain clear and consistent communication throughout to make sure you get exactly what you want—all while working to exceed your expectations.

Among our wide variety of services, you can work with Calgary’s trusted landscape design and construction source for a variety of backyard structures sure to elevate your outdoor living.

Calgary Landscaping for Privacy Screens

You might have heard the saying, good fences make good neighbours. But our fences sometimes need some enhancement to further improve our neighbourly relations. Whether you need extra privacy, want to enhance the overall appeal of your yard, or both, we can help you install privacy screens that are sure to please. Equal parts fashionable and functional, we will help you select, measure, and install durable privacy screen features tailor-made to fit your exact needs.

If you’ve already done some research on privacy screens, you’ll have quickly discovered there are countless offers for privacy screens. The challenge is knowing which ones will provide sufficient privacy and durability. We’ll make sure you get the highest quality privacy fence screens that will withstand Calgary’s weather and look gorgeous all year round.

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Calgary Design and Construction for Pergolas

Pergolas offer an elegant and tasteful addition to any yard. Take advantage of our full-service Calgary landscape design and construction for complete implementation of the pergola of your choice.

Whether you’re looking to provide some relief for your patio materials from the harsh sun, give yourself just the right partial shade for dappled sunlight, or to provide the perfect place for your plants and backyard gardens to climb and bloom, there’s a pergola waiting to enhance your yard.

Expert Gazebo Design and Implementation

Are you searching for a gazebo that coordinates with your current wood deck? Would you like a backyard structure that complements the style of your house while providing a whole new way to relax and entertain from the comfort of your own yard? Raecor landscape design and construction services simplify the entire process of implementing a beautiful new gazebo for your backyard pleasure. Maintaining the strictest safety standards and using the finest construction materials paired with expert design, you’ll be able to enjoy your gazebo for years to come.

Whether you want a gazebos that exudes sophistication, tranquility, or something in between, you’ll love the light yet permanent solidarity gazebos have to offer. We’ll help you select and implement a style that perfectly integrates with your paved patio, pool, deck, and garden for holistic beauty.

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Garden Terrace and Roof Structures

Find your Zen with garden terraces and roof structures. Leverage our trusted Calgary landscape design and construction for complete tranquility in the privacy of your own yard. We’ll help you plan and design to incorporate your garden terrace and roof structure to be bold and beautiful enough to exist on their own, while also perfectly complementing the larger design palette of your yard. Roof structures are ideal if you live in a more urban area and your roof is the only space for your yard. But they also make for a lovely and innovative way to enjoy unique views from your property regardless of whether you live in an urban, suburban, or acreage setting. We’ll help every step of the way in expanding your outdoor living space with garden terraces and roof structures.

Calgary Design and Construction for Kid’s Play Structures

Kids just need to have fun, right? Employ the help of Raecor’s expert kid’s play structure design and construction and you’ll have your kids swinging, climbing, and laughing with glee. As Calgary’s trusted landscape contractors, you can let your kids play with full confidence knowing our backyard structures are built to stand up to rigorous playtime.

And we will work closely with you to ensure you get a children’s play structure that not only provides countless hours of backyard joy for the whole family, but is also pleasing to the eye—stylish, durable, and safe.

Contact us today for your landscape design and construction consultation.

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